MKT 120 Syllabus

MKT 120 Consultative Sales/Customer Relations

Course Description

Note: This course code has changed from B 120 to MKT 120. You may occasionally see references to the old course code or title.

This beginning course is designed to introduce you to the benefits of persuasive selling and building relationships. Skills learned and practiced will benefit you for a lifetime because they are directly applicable to many facets of your life. Self-confidence will increase as a result of the opportunity to practice the skills of persuasive presentations. This course also provides an opportunity for you to explore the possibility of a career in sales, but will benefit you in any career path.

Required Materials

There are no materials to purchase. All books, articles, case studies, and reference materials provided in I-Learn. 

You will need standard computer equipment for BYU-Idaho online courses including a webcam, camera, or a computer with a built-in camera and microphone to record 6 sales presentations. You will also need access to a smartphone. 

Microsoft Office

You must submit your assignments as Microsoft Word documents. Acceptable file formats are .doc, .docx or .pdf. BYU-I students may download and install the Microsoft Office Suite for free by visiting the University Store's Technology left

Assessment and Grading

Activity Type Points

Approximate %

of Overall Grade


  • Weekly Quiz (5 pts. each)
65 13%

Teach One Another:

  • Discussion Boards (10 pts. each)
  • Sales Presentations (10 pts. each, one at 15 pts.)
185 38%


  • Essays (15 pts. each)
165 34%


  • Presentation Exam (50 pts.)
  • Final Exam (25 pts)
75 15%


490 100%

Grading Scale (total points earned divided by total points possible)

Letter Grade Percentage Range
A 100% –93%
A- 92% – 90%
B+ 89% – 87%
B 86% – 83%
B- 82% – 80%
C+ 79% – 77%
C 76% – 73%
C- 72% – 70%
D+ 69% – 67%
D 66% – 63%
D- 62% – 60%
F 59% – 00%

Course Policies