Global Hotspot: Pakistan Syllabus

Course Description

Few countries in the world are more strategically critical yet less understood than Pakistan. This young country in an ancient land lies at the crossroads of history, religion, language, and culture. On the frontline in the war against terror, this nuclear power is in the midst of political turmoil whose outcome will have great implications for the rest of the world.

Course Outcomes

Course Materials

Required Materials

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Keys to Success

BYU-Idaho Learning Model

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Tips for Success in this Course

Weekly Activities

In every week there are a variety of assignments due. You will find descriptions of each below.


Class discussions are the main interaction we will have in this course. Each discussion board will have two parts. Part one is a response to the Choose Your Position scenario. Part two is sharing insights gained from the readings (text, case studies, study materials, etc.) with your fellow student group members. Make sure to include references to which items had the most impact.

Reading: I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

Each week there will be assigned chapters from the book I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban. Accompanying each chapter is a Reading Quiz.

Reflection Write-up

The Reflection Write-up is the end-of-week wrap up assignment. It brings together everything we've been discussing and studying for the week and allows you to reflect on what you've learned. Answers to Reflection questions should be kept between 50 and 75 words.

Digging Deeper

Each week a variety of additional resources will be provided to enhance your study of the weekly discussion topics. There will be a selection of articles, videos and audio files. You are required to read or watch thirty (30) minutes of these additional resources. You are welcome to view more if you like as they will provide a deeper understanding of course material.

Major Assignments Fictional Internship

You have three major assignments this semester: case study, topic presentation, and Futures Project. To create these assignments you will participate in a fictional internship with the fictional Pakistan Research Group (PRG). You will find more information about PRG in the Resources folder in the course.

Case Study

The first project you will work on as an intern at the fictional PRG company will be to write a case study. In a small group, you will be expected to research and write a summary (case study) of a discrete episode or issue in Pakistan's history. Each student will sign up for a case study on the PRG Group Pages.

Topic Presentations

The second project this semester that you will work on as an intern at the fictional PRG company will be to prepare a topic presentation. Topic presentations are narrated presentations on topics related to each week's lesson. Each presentation has a due date that can be found on the Calendar. Each student will sign up for a topic presentation on the Topic Presentation Google Document. This is an individual assignment.

Futures Project

The last project you will work on this semester as an intern at the fictional PRG company will be to create a screencast. The purpose of this third project is for you to convince your instructor and classmates that you have learned the important and basic facts about Pakistan and how to analyze important issues facing this country. Create a 4–6 minute screencast in which you answer the following question: "What does the future hold for Pakistan, and why should I care?" This is an individual assignment.


Grading Categories and Weights

Category Weight
Reflection Write-ups 15%
Case Study 20%
Topic Presentation 20%
Futures Projects 20%
Reading Quizzes 10%
Discussion Boards 5%
Final Exam 10%

Final Exam

The final exam is a multiple choice and matching test that encompasses everything you have learned. Questions are taken from the Weekly Study materials, Malala readings, Case Studies, and Topic Presentations.