NURS 340 Syllabus (Part I)

Course Description

This semester course describes the role of the nurse in promoting optimum nursing care for health and wellness in the older adult. Four semester credit online course. You should expect to spend at last three hours for each credit = Twelve credits per week minimally.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:


Required Textbooks

Course Online Technological Requirements


Refer to the Online Support Center for additional information regarding technology compatibility.

Lesson/Week Topic
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Health and Wellness in an Aging Society; Gerontological Nursing: Past, Present, and Future
Lesson 3 Theories of Aging; Health Assessment; Living Well with Chronic Illness; Economics and Health Care in Later Life
Lesson 4 Cross-Cultural Caring & Aging; Cognition and Learning; Communication with Older Adults; Self-Actualization, Spirituality, and Transcendence
Lesson 5 Health Literacy Laboratory Values & Diagnostics Geropharmacology Safety and Security
Lesson 6 Nutrition; Hydration and Oral Care; Elimination; Sleep
Lesson 7 Skin Care; Physical Activity and Exercise; Falls and Fall Risk Reduction
Lesson 8 Living with age-related changes with hearing and vision; Pain and Comfort
Lesson 9 Respiratory Health and Illness
Lesson 10 Endocrine and Immune Disorders and Common Musculoskeletal Concerns
Lesson 11 Neurodegenerative Disorders, Mental Health, and care of those with neurocognitive disorders.
Lesson 12 Common Legal & Ethical Issues; Loss, Death, and Palliative Care
Lesson 13 Intimacy & Sexuality; Relationships, Roles, and Transition
Lesson 14 Course wrap-up

Assignment Weighting

The following weights are assigned to the different categories of assignments:
Discussion Board 10 points each 15%
Written Assignments 20 points each 30%
Final Exam 150 points 25%
DSOOA steps and Final presentation 100 points 25%
Clinical Log and Orientation 5 points each 5%

Department of Nursing Grading Schedule

A 93% or above C 76-77%
A- 90-92% C- 74-75%
B+ 87-89% D+ 70-73%
B 84-86% D 65-69%
B- 80-83% D- 60-64%
C+ 78-79% F 59% and below

A final grade of C- or greater must be awarded to receive credit for this course. Rounding up is not observed in the Department of Nursing.

All assignments must be completed by the end of the semester, date designated by the course instructor. Late assignments are accepted for due date items at 5% per day grade reduction. There are no late submissions allowed on quizzes or discussion board activities signified by due date & times in I-Learn.

Plagiarism BYU-Idaho Prezi presentation - linked

Plagiarism is considered the use of another person’s idea, creation, media, or writing without proper citation per the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (6th ed.).

Turnitin is an assessment tool that is integrated into the Assignment portion of I-Learn that assists students in avoiding unintentional plagiarism. The Turnitin Similarity score and report highlights matches that exist between student submissions and other sources.


No assignment submitted to I-Learn for another course may be submitted in NURS 340 as an assignment. See the Academic Honesty Policy for BYU-Idaho > Other Academic Misconduct > bullet seven and eight. Inadvertent of unintentional plagiarism is the inappropriate use of another's

Without proper attribution. Although this is not a violation of the Honor Code, it is a form of academic misconduct. Refer to the APA publication manual, p. 170, section 6.01

  1. First Offense - warning and the assignment grade will reflect the offense.
  2. Subsequent offense(s) the assignment will reflect the offense and the respective assignment will be submitted to the Honor Code office.

Professionalism, Integrity, and Safety

All nursing students are expected to:

  1. Observe the BYU-Idaho Honor Code at all times and
  2. Maintain Safety for self and others consistently.
    • Failure to demonstrate professionalism, integrity, and safe behaviors at all times are grounds for dismissal from the BYU-Idaho BSN program, regardless of performance in other aspects of the course.
    • The Department of Nursing fully supports the University policy on Academic Honesty. Cheating, dishonesty, plagiarism, or misrepresenting a situation in any way will result in dismissal from the nursing program.
    • A student dismissed from the program related to Honor Code or safety violation is NOT permitted to reapply to the nursing program.
    • Material on BYUI I-Learn and related sites are protected by U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code). These materials are only for the use of students enrolled in a course for purposes associated with the course and may NOT be retained or further disseminated [used for any other course on campus].

    BYU-Idaho RN to BSN Identification (ID) Badge

    The RN to BSN ID badge is to be worn for all class related activities outside your home. The ID badge is grey and white. This ID badge is to be obtained the first semester as a RN to BSN student. Please email the following information to BYU-Idaho Health Programs Outreach

    • A driver’s license or passport type (jpg, png) photograph (shoulders up, plain background, BYU-Idaho honor code standard) and
    • Your current mailing address

Badges may take up to three weeks to process your request and return your badge per mail.