TESOL Practice Syllabus


This one-credit practicum is designed to give students experience in applying principles of language pedagogy in a teaching context. Principles of language acquisition and development will be considered in light of helping teachers be more responsive to the learning and development of students with diverse backgrounds. This practicum will give students the opportunity to assess present levels of culturally and/or linguistically diverse students as well as apply principles of language pedagogy learned in this and other classes.


The goal of this practicum is to help transition students from being learners of ESL methods, to being actual ESL teachers. As such, students are expected to be professional in all of their communications and activities. The practicum will also give students an opportunity to use some of the skills they have studied and developed in their TESOL and other education classes. It is expected that students will promote language acquisition and development in order to increase the learning of international Pathway students and other English language learners.


Reading Assignment and Quiz

Students will review/learn basic principles of language acquisition and language pedagogy. These principles will then be applied to a teaching context as students participate in teaching experiences.

Teaching Experience

Students will arrange to have an ESL/EFL teaching experience throughout the semester. They will spend approximately one and a half hours per week applying the language pedagogy principles learned in this or other classes. Teaching Experience assignments will be directly related to the content learned in weekly reading assignments. Teaching experiences could be one-on-one or small group tutoring, volunteering in an ESL/EFL public school, private school, higher-education program, or adult education classes.


Reading Assignment 10 points each
Teaching Experience 60 points each
Mid-Course Evaluation 10 points

Your final grade will be based on an average of your grades throughout the term.

Grades or other concerns should be discussed with your instructor. University grading scale is found below.

Grade Scale is as follows:

Percentage Range Letter Grade
100% – 93% A
92% – 90% A-
89% – 87% B+
86% – 83% B
82% – 80% B-
79% – 77% C+
76% – 73% C
72% – 70% C-
69% – 67% D+
66% – 63% D
62% – 60% D-
59% – 00% F


Late assignments will be marked down by 50% and have to be submitted within one week of the due date. No exceptions.


The instructor maintains the right to make changes to any of the criteria for the fulfillment and evaluation of each course requirement, including completion and due dates. However, he/she will only do so when necessary (e.g., if the course calendar needs to be adjusted to accommodate the material) and any change will be clearly announced and explained to the class.