Course Description

This course teaches the concepts of systems analysis and design for those desiring to work in the field of information technology. Initially, an overview of an information system and the software development life cycle (SDLC) processes are covered.

Course Outcomes


The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations. ISBN: 978-1942788003

Free online access: The BYU-I Library provides free online access to this text for 5-7 users a time. You may print sections of the text. Be a good citizen! If you read the text online through the BYU-I library, select "Sign-out and clear session" when you have finished reading, so another student can access the text.

Purchasing options: The BYU-I bookstore and online vendors sell this text (bound and electronic versions).

Compare prices for your textbooks through the University Store Price Comparison site. They will show you all of the options from the University Store plus several online options to help you find the best price.

Required Software

The CIT department provides Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) licensing to all students enrolled in CIT courses. If this is your first CIT course—or if it has been more than one semester since you’ve taken a CIT course—you will receive an invitation e-mail before the second week of the semester. This invitation will allow you to register for the BYU-Idaho Dreamspark/MSDN website.

Software for CIT courses and Zoom.


The Online Tutoring Center provides tutoring for CIT courses. You must request and schedule a tutor. Plan ahead! You cannot request a tutor a few hours before the due date and expect to receive help.

Recommended Hardware

You will work with a team to complete presentations every week. It is recommended that you have audio capacity (such as a computer headset or microphone) to participate in group meetings.


This is a 3 credit course; therefore, you are expected to work at least 9 hours/week.

You will work in teams to complete the several presentation through the course. Teamwork is an essential component of this course. Cooperative and collaborative teamwork is as important as the products you produce.

Effective Teamwork

This course requires effective teamwork. In CIT 262 you won’t just discuss gospel principles, you will implement gospel principles. In other words, the gospel is integrated into this course in the way you teach, learn and work with the members of your team.

Due Dates

You'll notice that the content pages say "see the Calendar for due dates" rather than listing a specific due date. Since I-Learn applies a single due date and time to every time zone, an assignment due on Saturday at 11:00 pm in Idaho would be due at 7:00 pm in Hawaii. Therefore, the Calendar will automatically show you the time adjusted to your location instead of having specific due dates listed on the content pages.

On that note, the assignments usually proceed in a weekly order. You can see the actual due dates and times on the Schedule for each week.

Late Work

Late work is not accepted. However, your Instructor may extend the deadline if you experience extenuating circumstances. Contact your Instructor to discuss personal or emergency situations.

Grading Weights

Your grade will be calculated as follows:

Grading Scale

93%–100% A
90%–92% A-
87%–89% B+
83%–86% B
80%–82% B-
77%–79% C+
73%–76% C
70%–72% C-
67%–69% D+
63%–66% D
60%–62% D-