COMM 450 Syllabus

Course Description

This course is designed to facilitate practical, theoretical, and critical analyses of conflict and negotiation. This will involve exploring a variety of approaches to conflict, negotiation, and third-party intervention in the relevant contexts within which conflict management occurs. This course covers three major areas of study: 1) Conflict theories, styles, and frameworks; 2) Managing conflict through negotiation; 3) Third-party intervention in conflict management.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the role of communication in conflict and conflict-management processes.
  2. Examine theories and research on negotiation and conflict management.
  3. Analyze the components of conflict that lead to constructive or destructive patterns.
  4. Appreciate and put into practice the tactics of principled negotiation.
  5. Appreciate the many variables to consider in the selection of strategies, methods, and responses that are appropriate to a given conflict situation.
  6. Engage in a process of inquiry that leads to recommendations for designing effective conflict management processes.

Required texts

Compare prices for your textbooks through the University Store Price Comparison site. They will show you all of the options from the University Store plus several online options to help you find the best price.

Required Technology

You will submit all assignments in I-Learn.

Mozilla Firefox is the recommended I-Learn browser; you may need to update your browser plug-ins. Please verify your technical set-up Orientation to Online Learning at BYU-Idaho.

You will download templates and sample assignments formatted as .doc (Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013). You must submit assignments formatted as .doc or .docx. Contact the Help Desk to purchase a student version of Microsoft Office.

Student Honor

Student Honor is following the path of discipleship and learning to be more like Christ by learning to think, feel, and act more like Him.

Living a life of honor:

Students are encouraged and expected to live by the principles and policies outlined by the student honor office. As we live the principles of honor at BYU-Idaho, we allow the Spirit into the classroom and into our lives.

Plagiarism (using another’s words or ideas without giving credit) of any kind will not be tolerated. Any form of plagiarism or cheating (any attempt to deceive) will result in a failing grade.

Learning Model Architecture

Comm 450 follows the BYUI learning model. This is not an independent study course; it is a collaborative, interactive course with weekly assignments and due dates. It is important that you follow the lesson flow and complete lesson activities sequentially. Going out of order may cause confusion or cause you to miss things.


Each discussion board has two due dates (initial posts and replies); however you will only receive one dashboard prompt. Don’t rely solely on your dashboard prompts. Check the Course Schedule for accurate due dates.

Late Work

Late work is not accepted.

Grading scale

A = 90–100%

B = 80–89%

C = 70–79%

D = 60–69%

F = Below 60%

Graded Components


This is an intensive reading course. You are expected to complete the reading assignments before the due date. The other learning activities are useless if you have not completed the reading assignments.

Reading assignments are based on a reading speed of 120 words per minute. Most college students read faster than this. If you cannot complete the reading assignments within the estimated time, you should contact the BYUI Reading Center. The Reading Center helps students who seek to increase their textbook and college reading skills.

Most reading assignments include a corresponding capture assignment. Carefully read Capture Description and Example.

Online Support Center

The Online Support Center (OSC) is designed to help any students taking online courses at BYU-Idaho. If you have questions about any online course or any feedback concerning online courses, instructors, or your online learning experience please contact the OSC.

OSC Contact Information

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Hours: Monday–Friday, 7 AM–7 PM MST

Disability Statement

In compliance with applicable disability law, qualified students with a disability may be entitled to “reasonable accommodation.” It is the student’s responsibility to disclose to the teacher any special need she/he may have before the end of the first week of class. If you have any disability that may impair your ability to complete this course successfully, please contact the services for students with disabilities office at 208-496-1130.

Please contact your instructor immediately if you become chronically ill or have other problems that may impede your ability to successfully complete this course. When possible, students should contact the professor about these concerns prior to any assignments being due.