LR 111 - Library Research Skills


After this course, students will be able to:

1. Discover the variety of information resources available

2. Gain skills to select appropriate sources of information

3. Demonstrate efficient research skills

4. Learn to effectively analyze search results

5. Learn to apply results to personal, educational, and career needs


The purpose of this course is to help you become proficient in using library resources to conduct research. The skills learned in this course will assist you in your academic career; however, being a skillful researcher will help you in your post-university life as well. Most professions require that you are able to find and use information in some way. The skills learned in this class will help you better understand how to find, evaluate, and use information using a variety of resources and strategies.

Learning Model Architecture

Students will have regular, weekly opportunities to teach one another and to ponder and prove what they have learned.



Required Materials


Grading Policies

Standard grading based on the points system.