AUTO 131 - Automotive Electrical Systems



Automotive Electrical Systems is a course where you will learn to understand, diagnose, repair, and service the electrical systems of modern automobiles. Every student who has the desire can master these skills.

Learning Model Architecture

This course follows the principles set out by Robert Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction. Students prepare by reading the online material and taking formative quizzes in the process.

Students will be given opportunities to love, serve, and teach one another by completing peer reviews on weekly worksheet activities. They will ponder and prove what they've learned through weekly projects and individual summative quizzes.



Required Materials


Grading Policies

Reading Quizzes 5%
Worksheets 15%
Activities 15%
Electrical Principles Quizzes 25%
Final Exam 30%
Other Exams 10%

Late work is generally not accepted. Please plan to complete assignments prior to the published due dates each week. However, if you experience circumstances beyond your control, please contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Copying assignments, quizzes, and/or exams and posting them for others to see is considered cheating. Please honor your commitments to be honest.

The standard BYU-Idaho grading scale applies to this class.

Letter Grade Percentage
A 93–100%
A- 90–92%
B+ 86–89%
B 83–85%
B- 80–92%
C+ 76–79%
C 73–75%
C- 70–72%
D+ 66–69%
D 63–65%
D- 60–62%
F 59% and below


The instructor reserves the right to change any part of this syllabus at any time during the semester in order to adapt to changing course needs. You will be notified prior to any changes that may take place.