Course Structure

Course Description

This is the second part of an introductory course in Spanish for beginners and students with less than two years of high school Spanish.The emphasis of this course is on the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Course Objectives

  1. Gain basic proficiency in Spanish listening, reading, speaking and writing.
  2. Develop the ability to think critically about how languages work, including the student’s native language.
  3. Develop awareness and appreciation for other people and cultures.
  4. Develop strategies and attitudes conducive to further study of Spanish and other languages.

Course Schedule

The course has been designed to follow a weekly schedule in which students complete one lesson per week. You are expected to complete all of the learning activities for each lesson in the order they are listed for each lesson.The instructor may shift the order of completion for some assignments,and may even extend the deadlines on a few assignments if circumstances warrant it for the whole class. However, for most assignments and quizzes, you are expected to have them all completed by Friday 5:00 PM (MT) each week.

In order to help you plan out your weekly schedule, every Thursday at 12:00 PM (MT) you will be given access to the following week’s learning activities for the next week's lesson. Essentially, you will be given access to two weeks at a time. This is done so that you will be able to work on those lessons over the weekend if you choose to do so. You are not required to complete the following week’s learning until the week that it is due.

On average, it takes approximately 12 hours to complete all the learning activities for each lesson. With these classes, there is no "time off" for holidays like you might get in face-to-face classes. Consequently, you should make sure to arrange your study schedule so that holiday activities do not keep you from completing learning activities.

Lesson Schedule

Week Date Lesson Title
Week 01 14 Sep – 18 Sep Lesson 01: Introduction
Week 02 21 Sep – 25 Sep Lesson 02: Review of SPAN 101
Week 03 28 Sep – 2 Oct Lesson 03: Capítulo 10
Week 04 5 Oct – 9 Oct Lesson 04: Capítulo 11
Week 05 12 Oct - 16 Oct Lesson 05: Capítulo 12
Week 06 19 Oct – 23 Oct Lesson 06: Capítulo 13
Week 07 26 Oct – 30 Oct Lesson 07: Capítulo 14
Week 08 2 Nov – 6 Nov Lesson 08: Review and Midterm Exam
Week 09 9 Nov - 13 Nov Lesson 09: Capítulo 15
Week 10 16 Nov - 20 Nov Lesson 10: Capítulo 16
Week 11 23 Nov - 27 Nov Lesson 11: Capítulo 17
Week 12 30 Nov - 4 Dec Lesson 12: Capítulo 18
Week 13 7 Dec  - 11 Dec Lesson 13: Course Review
Week 14 14 Dec - 18 Dec Lesson 14: Course Conclusion

Required Materials

The following materials are required for this course. Compare prices for your textbooks through the University Store Price Comparison site. They will show you all of the options from the University Store plus several online options to help you find the best price.

Puntosde Partida (9th edition) By Thalia Dorwick

ISBN #978-0077663315

If you have this book from Spanish 101 then you don’t need to repurchase it. Also, if you’ve taken Spanish 101 within the last year you can use your Connect Software access from that course for this course as well.

You are required to have a microphone for your computer and a set of earphones that will work with your computer. You will use both of these to participate in a variety of learning activities in this course.

Conversation Lab Attendance

You will be required to attend three Conversation Labs each week. You may sign up to attend Session 01 on Monday or Tuesday,the Session 02 on Wednesday or Thursday,and the Session 03 on Friday.The ConversationLeader or the instructor will direct all of the learning activities through out each session. These learning activities will reinforce what you have learned in the previous learning activities in this lesson.

It is your responsibility to come prepared to each Conversation Lab. You can do this by making sure you have completed all of the learning activities that are listed before each Conversation Lab. Because the sessions involve all group members interacting with one another, it is crucial that you come to each session prepared to teach one another. If it is obvious to the Conversation Lab leader or the instructor that you have not completed the previous learning activities, you will be asked to leave the lab session, and you will loose attendance points for that session.

You may miss two lab sessions before more serious consequences occur. If you miss more than two lab sessions, or if you are unprepared for more than two lab sessions, your grade will be reduced by one grade step (e.g. from a B+ to a B) for each lab session this occurs. For example, if you miss two lab sessions and come unprepared to a third session, your grade would be reduced by one grade step (e.g.from a B to a B-). If you miss or come unprepared to a fourth session, your grade would be reduce by another grade step (e.g. from a B- to a C+). Missing your Conversation Lab sessions will have serious consequences to your grade! Please make sure you work out your weekly schedule so that you will be able to attend all of your lab sessions.

Grading Policies

Grading Scale

Grades will be based on a percentage of the total number of points students may earn from assignments and quizzes, participation in online class meetings, and completion of any other learning activities assigned by the instructor. Grades will be determined as follows:

A= 94-100%

A-= 90-93%

B+ = 87-89%

B = 84-86%

B-= 80-83%

C+ = 77-79%

C = 74-76%

C-= 70-73%


D = 64-66%


F= 0-59%

Students may check their total number of points for all assignments and quizzes at any time using the My Grades link on the Course Menu.

Class Policies

Course Policies

You should read the following course policies and make sure that you understand what these policies mean to you regarding your interactions with the instructor and other students in this course. If you have questions about any of these policies, you should contact your instructor immediately.

Student Honor

Student Honor is following the path of discipleship and learning to be more like Christ– learning to think, to feel,and to act more as He does.

Living a life of Honor:

  1. Begins as we learn and live the baseline standards of the Honor Code, understand their purposes, and are true to the promises we have made.
  2. Continues as we heed the promptings of the Spirit to raise our personal bar of righteousness and foster a spirit of integrity, sacrifice, consecration, love,service,and willing obedience as students and through out our lives.
  3. Prepares our hearts for devoted discipleship in the family, church, work,and community.

If you have any questions about the Student Honor Code, please use the links below to get more information on what is expected of you as a BYU-Idaho student, and what you can expect from your classmates.

Honor Code Academic Honesty Dress and Grooming Standards

Students with Disabilities

BYU-Idaho is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability which may impair your ability to complete this course successfully, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office at 208-496-1158. Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by this office. If you need assistance or feel you have been unlawfully discriminated on the basis of disability, you may seek resolution through established policy and procedures.Contact the Personnel Office at 208-496-1130.

Sexual Harrassment

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an educational program which receives federal funds, including federal loans and grants. Title IX also covers student-to-student sexual harassment. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination, please contact the Personnel Office at 208-496-1130.


Help Desk

If any technical difficulties arise through out the course contact the Help Desk before contacting the instructor.

Help Desk: (208)496-3550 OR (866)237-5195 (toll free)