Instructor Support

Who to contact if
I have a question about...

Teaching Group Leader

  • Questions about general online facilitation
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • How to help struggling students
  • Administration questions (Inquire about campus dates, weekly reflections, etc.)

Online Course Representative (OCR)

  • Questions specific to your course design
  • Course-specific facilitation questions
  • Post and discuss course improvement suggestions

I-Learn Help Guides

  • "How to" tutorials
  • Helping students with I-Learn
  • I-Learn settings

Online Instruction Community

  • Improvement suggestion discussions
  • I-Learn technical questions
  • Teaching group for pedagogical questions

Online Support Center (OSC)

  • Questions about BYU-Idaho
  • Student help
  • Course access
  • I-Learn technical questions

Course Maintenance Team

  • Submitting a maintenance request when something is broken in your course

Student Honor Office

  • Academic honesty issues / cheating
  • Profanity or other inappropriate language
  • Bullying or disruptive behaviors