Equella Sync

   Download the Latest Version of Equella Sync for Windows

   Download the Latest Version of Equella Sync for OSX

  • * Fixed issue with missing collections.
  • * Fixed issue with missing files with very large items.
  • * Fixed issue on Windows where backslashes were not converted to forward slashes. The issue has been fixed for new files. To fix all files in a contribution that have already been uploaded, simply push a single file from the contribution.
  • + Added a count to the contribution manager so that you know how many contributions you have (or have found in your search results) and how many are being displayed.
  • + Added a message to prevent multiple file deletion before previous requests were finished.
  • + Added a check for the Download & Open option to catch the error when you try to download a file that you already have open locally. (You may not see any changes on OSX, but the file simply won't update.)
  • * When deleting a file from Equella & Locally using the option in the Resource window, the file is not removed from the window.
  • * Fixed the dock icon on OSX so that it shows the Equella Sync icon.
  • * Fixed the Upload Local File search. (Previously if you hit enter when searching it would take you back to the Remote contributions tab.)
  • + Added Logout and Exit Button to Equella Sync tray.
  • + Added popups to Resource buttons to make it easier to see functions.
  • + Added a "Delete from Equella" and "Delete from Equella and Locally" options to the Resources window for each file in in Equella.
  • + Added a "Create New Contribution" button on the Contribution Mananger which creates a new folder without having to open your sync directory.
  • + Added the ability to drag and drop folders and files onto the Resources window.
  • + Added the ability to drag a new folder onto the Contribution window to create a new contribution.
  • + Added the ability to copy integ/gen and version 0 link to clipboard for items and files.
  • + Added Bulk URL Manager
  • * Fixed issue where items would not load when displaying contribution manager.
  • * Fixed issue where files would not download with "Replace All" option
  • * Added check for sync folder. If you deleted you sync folder, the preferences window will open at launch so you can change it.

We are excited to annouce the official release of Equella Sync Version 2.0. This version is built on a totally new plaform and includes several enhancements over Version 1. (Not all of the new features are listed below because there are too many!) Be sure to update your Preferences after installing Version 2.0.

  • * Version 2 now allows for uploading multiple files simultaneously making it 25x faster!
  • * Collaborating is easier with a "Download & Open" option to ensure you always have the latest version.
  • * Pause Syncing and manually push all files and folders in an item, multiple folders, or multiple documents.
  • * Build the folder structure for an item without downloading all of the attachments.
  • * Search all of Equella quickly with the powerful Advanced Search.
  • * Copying links is now easier than in Version 1.0.
  • * Plus all of the same great features you've come to enjoy including Kaltura integration and automatic zip file unpacking.
  • *  Fixed issue with missing metadata when unzipping files on the Equella server.
  • *  Fixed issue introduced in 147 that caused hanging while creating contributions and uploading files.
  • +  Added ability to upload and unzip files on the Equella server.
  • +  Added check to remove trailing directory separator from Sync Directory field in Preferences.
  • *  Changed autoupdater to open this page rather than trying to auto download and install.
  • *  Fixed issue deleting files from subfolders.
  • -  Removed Equella-created webpages from files that are downloaded.