Psych 112 - Careers in Psychology

Course Description

In this course, you will explore the many career options available to psychology majors and the schooling these careers require. You will also obtain critical information necessary for you to be successful in your major and to prepare for employment or graduate school acceptance. You will investigate and complete a research paper specific to your career choice and learn about the value of participating in student organizations, internships, and scientific research. You will learn how to build a competitive resume or vita, personal statement, cover letter, and complete graduate school applications. You will also participate in a mock placement interview.

In this course, we will:

1. Explore career opportunities in psychology.

2. Provide study and test taking strategies.

3. Develop a program of studies that will prepare you for the work force or advanced training.

4. Explain the various levels of training and schooling (i.e.,baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate) needed for most careers in psychology.

5. Explain how to maximize the chances of being accepted into a competitive graduate school program in psychology.

6. Participate in career development testing in the career center.

7. Participate in practice graduate entrance exams.

8. Develop job application materials (vita/resume, cover letter, biographical sketch, statements of purpose, strengths/weakness, etc.).

9. Expose you to the interview process.

Course Schedule

This course has been designed to follow a weekly schedule in which students complete two lessons per week. You are expected to complete all of the learning activities for each lesson in the order they are listed. Also, you should complete each lesson in order and not skip ahead without finishing a lesson. For example, you should complete all the learning activities in Lesson 01 before beginning any learning activities in Lesson 02. The instructor may shift the order of completion for some assignments and may even extend the deadlines on a few assignments if circumstances warrant.

Due dates and times for all assignments may be found by accessing the Calendar tool in I-Learn. All activity directions will have information on when an assignment or assessment opens and closes (due date and time). These due dates and times listed in the activity directions are based on Mountain Standard Time in the United States of America, and are set up to aligned with the due dates and times of students on campus at BYU-Idaho. If you are in a different time zone, you may see some adjustments for your own time zone in the I-Learn Calendar. If you have any questions about when an assignment is due, you should contact your instructor.

The deans of the colleges at BYU-Idaho have determined that the average amount of study time that students should invest each week per credit hour is 3 to 4 hours. So, for a 1-credit class, the deans expect students to spend on average between 3 and 4 hours of total study time. For this course, on average, it will take students approximately 3 hours of study time to complete all the learning activities for each lesson. This is the amount of time that you should expect to put in to this class each week if you want to get a passing (C) grade. Students working towards an A or B grade will usually need to put in more than 4 hours a week studying. Consequently, in order to keep up with the assignments and learn the most from this class, you should make sure that you schedule regular study sessions. Also, be aware that with this course there is no time off for holidays that might occur during the week. Consequently, you should make sure to arrange your study schedule so that any holiday activities do not keep you from completing learning activities by the posted due dates and times.

Required Materials

You must purchase the following required textbook:

Compare prices for your textbooks through the University Store Price Comparison site. They will show you all of the options from the University Store plus several online options to help you find the best price.

Title: The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success, 5th Edition

Author: R. Eric Landrum and Stephen F. Davis ISBN: 978-0205829651

Directions for purchasing this book may be found in an activity in Lesson 01. Please note that you will begin reading the textbook during Lesson 01, so you should purchase the required text as soon as possible.

Since this is an online course, it is your responsibility to obtain access to a computer with internet capabilities. (The higher speed you have for your internet access, the easier the course will be for you to complete.) It is also your responsibility to make sure you have the word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software required to complete your assignments.


See Calendar for times

This course is designed to follow a basic weekly pattern. You will complete one lesson per week, and then complete a Self-Assessment and a Lesson Evaluation Quiz (28 total worth 28 points overall). For a list of assignments see the course schedule below:

Course Assignment Schedule

Wk Activity assignment Points


Syllabus Quiz 5
5 Icebreaker 10
7 Chapter 01 Quiz 50
7 Chapter 11 Quiz 50
7 Course Introduction Psychology Survey 30
8 Self-Assessment Quiz


02 2 Chapter 02 Quiz 50
3 Study Skills Small Group Activity 100
3 Study Skills Quiz 50
3 Submit your Plan for Success 10
3 Create your own Multiple Choice Questions 30
4 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
03 2 Career Exploration Discussion Board 100
2 Chapter 03 Quiz 50
2 A Decision Tree for Psychology Students 10

Take and Interpret your Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Results

4 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
04 4 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
05 2 Chapter 09 Quiz 50
2 Chatper 13 Quiz 50
2 Major and Career Plan Ideas 100
3 Submit your 4-year Plan 50
4 Self-Assessment Quiz
06 2 Chapter 05 Quiz 50
3 Activity 3 Quiz 50
3 Career Choice and Education Discussion 100
3 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
Mid-Course Feedback 1
07 2 Quiz on "Research Internships, and Organizations" 50
2 Chapter 07 Quiz 50
Byu-I Connect Quiz 50
2 Chapter 08 Quiz 50
6 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
08 2 Chapter 06 Quiz 50
3 Submit Career Research Assignment 350
4 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
09 3 Graduate School Discussion Board 100
3 Reading Assignment Quiz 100
4 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
10 2 Take a Mock GRE exam 30
2 Reading Assignment Quiz 50
3 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
11 2 Chapter 04 Quiz 50
3 Submit your Vita or Resume 100
4 Schedule Your Resume Review 1
4 Schedule Your Mock Interview 1
5 Self-Assessment 1
12 2 Chapter 12 Quiz 50
3 Submit a Revised Resume 100
4 Reading Assignment Quiz 50
4 Mock Interview Quiz 100
5 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
13 2 Create Your Own Personal Statement 150
3 Create Your Own Cover Letter 150
4 Resubmit your 4-Year Plan 50
5 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
14 2 Write a Letter to Future Students 25
3 Self-Assessment Quiz 1
Total Points: 2766

Due Dates

The following graphic organizer is used throughout the course to help you understand how one assignment meshes with the following assignments. The graphic also indicates that you will have multiple drafts of some assignments. Specifically the Career Research Plan and the 4-Year Plan.

Major Assignment Overviews

Campell Interest and Skill Survey Report

Number of Pages: 2

Line Spacing: double

Font Type: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12pt

Career Research Assignment*

Number of Pages: 5

Line Spacing: double

Font Type: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12pt

*must include bibliography

Vita or Resume

Number of Pages: 1-2

Line Spacing: double

Font Type: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12pt

Personal Statement (2 pages) and Cover Letter (1 page)

Number of Pages: 3

Line Spacing: double

Font Type: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12pt

In assigning final grades for this course, the instructor will use the BYU-Idaho Standard Grade Definition criteria listed below.


The grade of “A” represents outstanding understanding, application,and integration of subject material and extensive evidence of original thinking, skillful use of concepts, and ability to analyze and solve complex problems. Demonstrates diligent application of Learning Model principles, including initiative in serving other students.


The grade of “B” presents considerable/significant understanding, application, and incorporation of the material, which would prepare a student to be successful in next level courses, graduate school, or employment. The student participates in the Learning Model as applied in the course.


The grade of “C” represents sufficient understanding of subject matter. The student demonstrates minimal initiative to be prepared for class. Sequenced courses could be attempted, but mastering new materials might prove challenging. The student participates marginally in the Learning Model.


The grade of “D” represents poor performance and initiative to learn, understand, and apply course materials. Retaking a course or remediation may be necessary to prepare for additional instruction in this subject matter.


The grade of “F” represents failure in the course.

Course Policies

You should read the following course policies and make sure that you understand what these policies mean to you regarding your interactions with the instructor and other students in this course. If you have questions about any of these policies, you should contact your instructor immediately.

Personal Honor

In this class, our interactions with each other should be guided at all times by the following principles of personal honor.

Principles of Personal Honor — “True at all Times”

• Personal honor is integrity in fulfilling commitments,responsibilities, and covenants.

• Personal honor begins with willing obedience and is fully developed when we consistently govern ourselves by true principles.

• Personal honor increases spiritual strength through the ministry of the Holy Ghost.

• Personal honor is central to every aspect of our lives, including the BYU-Idaho experience.

• Personal honor brings us joy and happiness; deepens our desire to love, serve, and lift others; and ultimately helps us to become more like the Savior.

You should make sure that you understand the above principles of personal honor. It is important for all class members to strive tofollow the above principles in our associations with one another.

If you have any questions about how Personal Honor is related to academic honesty or the university’s dress and grooming standards,you may visit the University Standards web page( to get more information.

Students with Disabilities

BYU-Idaho is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere which reasonably accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability which may impair your ability to complete this course successfully, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities Office by phone at 208-496-4283 or via email at Reasonable academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. Services are coordinated with the student and instructor by this office. If you need assistance or feel you have been unlawfully discriminated on the basis of disability, you may seek resolution through established policy and procedures. Contact the Human Resources Office at 208-496-1700 or via email at

Sexual Harassment

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an educational program which receives federal funds, including federal loans and grants. Title IX also covers student-to-student sexual harassment. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination, please contact the Human Resources Office at 208-496-1700 or via email at

Required Registrations:

There are several site registrations and software downloads needed for this course.

• Allows students to setup a free account to record and share video presentations
• Allows students to share their recordings from

Campbell Skills and Interests Survey:

This survey costs $14 and is available online from the Academic Discovery Center.

Kaplin Self-proctored GRE Exam: Students will need to take a practice Graduate Record


BYU-I Connect: BYU-I Connect is a career networking site available here:

The site is the university’s alumni connections network and puts students in contact with BYU-Idaho employees and other people throughout the United States who have volunteered to answer students' questions about specific careers.

Mock Interview: Students can click on the Career Mentor Scheduler under the Services tab of their MyBYU-I account at Through this link students are able to arrange a time with the ADC where they can hold a mock interview via Skype/Adobe Connect/ or Phone.