HS 384 Fire Safety


This course introduces students to the International Fire Code, orienting them to the basics of understanding how to read code, interpret code, and apply modern codes in various situations. Students will learn to visually identify hazards and violations and perform fire code enforcement inspections through local inspections or simulated facility activities. They will learn to develop and write reports and inspection forms to use in their enforcement inspections. Students seeking work in fields related to occupational health and safety, firefighting, public safety, insurance, corporate safety, etc., should take this course. (2 credits)


There are no prerequisites for this class.


At the conclusion of the course, students will meet the following objectives:

Required Materials

Students will be using the 2015 International Fire Code (Free Access) as their textbook.

Learning Model Architecture

Students will complete initial requirements that include the following:

Students will create and continue to develop their own fire safety inspection form that will be due on the following due dates:

Students will ponder and prove by completing comprehension quizzes about the fire code. Quizzes will be due at the following time:

Students will fill out a fire safety journal entry:

Students will teach one another by creating and submitting fact sheets on safety topics:

Students will take and collect photos of fire safety hazards. The photo log will be turned in at the following time:

Students on their own will conduct their own physical inspection of a facility and report the findings in a report. The inspection and report will be due at the following time:

Students will complete a comprehensive exam at the following time:

Grading Policies

Assignments in the course are worth the following points:

Assignment Points
Introduction Assignment 2
Initial Personal Report 4
Syllabus Quiz 2
Intro to Fire Code Quiz 1
Fire Safety Form #1 5
Fire Safety Form #2 8
Fire Safety Form #3 12
Quizzes: Lesson 02–13 (12 quizzes x 5 or 7 points each) 70
Spot the Fire Safety Issues (12 discussions x 5 points each) 60
Journal: Lessons 02–13 (12 journals x 8 points each) 96
Fact Sheets (2 x 15 points each) 30
Photo Assignment 15
Inspection 30
Final Exam 100
Total 435


94–100% = A 74–76% = C
90–93% = A- 70–73% = C-
87–89% = B+ 67–69% = D+
84–86% = B 64–66% = D
80–83% = B- 60–63% = D-
77–79% = C+ Below 60% = F

Late Work

Unless late work is already specified in an assignment's rubric, assignments turned in within a week of the due date will be accepted with a 20% reduction in score.  Assignments submitted after one week will not receive any points. 


The instructor reserves the right to change any part of this syllabus at any time during the semester in order to adapt to changing course needs. You will be notified prior to any changes that may take place.