BUS 375 - Syllabus

Note: This course code has changed from B 275 to BUS 375. You may occasionally see references to the old course code or title.

Course Structure

Course Description

An introduction to the legal environment in which businesses operate as well as an overview of laws impacting business. Topics covered include ethics, legal procedures, intellectual property, contracts, UCC, bankruptcy, antitrust, employment law, employment discrimination, and business organizations.

Course Objectives

With the successful completion of course requirements, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Describe the basic principles of the U.S. legal system including courts and procedures.
  2. Understand and use basic legal terms necessary to confidently converse with legal advisors.
  3. Recognize legal issues impacting business in the news.
  4. Gain a basic understanding of how lawyers and judges apply case law to current business problems or cases.
  5. Develop and demonstrate analytical critical thinking and writing skills in the context of analyzing legal issues.
  6. Identify legal issues and problems in a business setting.
  7. Identify and state when to involve legal counsel in a business setting.
  8. Consider how gospel principles relate to business law concepts.

Weekly Navigation

For the best experience in this course, begin each week at the top of the weekly module and complete each page in order.


There is a unit exam at the end of each of the five units and a final exam at the end of the course. Each exam has a corresponding appeal. Your exams comprise 50% of your semester grade, so be sure to follow the instructions provided in the course and study carefully to ensure you are well prepared for each exam. As you study and take the exams, remember that there are often many good answers to questions about the law. Your goal is to analyze the situation and determine the best solution to the situation.

Required Materials

Title of Text: Barron's Business Law, 6th Edition by Robert W. Emerson

ISBN-13: 978-1438005119

You may use the hard copy version or the Kindle version or both. Exams are open-book, so there are some advantages of the search option in the Kindle version. You should be able to get either version for about $10 to $20. The hard copy is available through the BYU-Idaho University Store.

Course Policies

Letter Grade Percentage Range
A 100% – 93%
A- 92% – 90%
B+ 89% – 87%
B 86% – 83%
B- 82% – 80%
C+ 79% – 77%
C 76% – 73%
C- 72% – 70%
D+ 69% – 67%
D 66% – 63%
D- 62% – 60%
F 59% – 00%

"A" represents... extensive evidence of original thinking, skillful use of concepts, and ability to analyze and solve complex problems. Demonstrates diligent application of Learning Model principles, including initiative in serving other students.

Due Dates and Times/Mulligan

Assignments are due on the date shown in the course schedule or posted in I-Learn.

No assignment will be accepted late. For a planned absence, work must be completed and turned in before the deadline. To help compensate for emergencies, students are allowed a "mulligan," which allows two extra days without a reduction in points. Students should notify the instructor before the deadline to exercise the mulligan. If you have a serious emergency that impacts more than one assignment, talk with your instructor about the situation.

Time Commitment

You should expect to spend at least 9 to 12 hours per week. This is a difficult course for most students. Expect to work hard to understand and apply the material.


Help Desk

If you have technical difficulties, please contact the Help Desk before contacting the instructor.

Help Desk:

https://www.byui.edu/online/online-support-center or 208-496-1411