HS 486 - Occupational Safety and Risk Management


When you complete this training, you will be able to do the following:

NOTE: The OSHA 30 Card is not available to online students due to OSHA's in person contact hour requirements.


This 3-credit course is designed to help you develop an understanding of basic occupational safety and health terminology, principles, and practices through educational and practical activities.

Learning Model Architecture

The training activities follow a weekly cycle of Prepare, Teach One Another, and Ponder & Prove.

Prepare: You will prepare by completing readings and coursework activities.

Teach One Another: You will teach others in your training group by creating and distributing a safety fact sheet. You will teach someone in your community about safety.

Ponder & Prove: You will analyze case studies and create recommendations. You will collect examples of important safety issues each week. You will demonstrate your skills by recognizing hazards in photos, writing a series of safety programs, and completing an inspection.

General Course Overview

Each lesson is unique, but there is a common structure to most weeks. In a typical week, you will complete the following assignments:

You will be assigned to create one Safety Fact Sheet during the term.

Toward the end of the semester, you will conduct a safety inspection of a commercial building.

The final assignment is a final exam.


No prerequisites are required for this course.

Required Materials

You will use the OSHA General Industry Digest as the text for this course (free download).

Time Commitment

The online class policy is that for every credit hour, you should expect to spend 3 hours of work per week. Therefore, in this 3-credit course, you should plan on spending about 9 hours per week on your coursework.

Grading Policies

Each graded assignment generates points. There are 1200 points possible. 

A 93–100%
A- 90–92%
B+ 87–89%
B 83–86%
B- 80–82%
C+ 77–79%
C 73–76%
C- 70–72%
D+ 67–69% 
D 63–66%
D- 60–62%
F Below 60%

Late Work

As a sign of professionalism and respect, you are expected to complete your work on time.

Unless late work is already specified in an assignment's rubric, assignments turned in within a week of the due date will be accepted with a 20% reduction in score. Assignments submitted after one week will not receive any points. 

Late discussion posts will not be accepted.

The Final Exam and the Inspection Report will not be accepted after the end of the semester.


The instructor reserves the right to change any part of this syllabus at any time during the semester in order to adapt to changing course needs. You will be notified prior to any changes that may take place.