Spring into Design HFED 245: Flat Pattern Design Class Mid-Term Projects Jennifer Christensen Sarah Cloward Chantel Cooke
Emily Farb Lauren Gomm Angela Griffith Samantha Hodgson
Cecilia Huffaker Jessica Kyte Kelli Marrott Meaghan McKinney
Anne Mena Phylicia  Norris-Jimenez Jacqueline Nukaya Carla Selfridge
Beth Tanner Johanna Warkentin

HFED 245: Flat Pattern Design

In this class students learn to create their own clothing patterns. The midterm project for this class involves designing an article of clothing and creating the half-scale pattern for the design. Students then sew these models which are shown in this exhibit. These are unfinished models as facings, closures, sleeves, and collars are addressed in the last half of the semester.

The East Wing Gallery is located in the David O. McKay Library
at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, ID

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