FIN 428 Real Estate & Financial Management

Note: This course code has changed from B 428 to FIN 428. You may occasionally see references to the old course code or title.


  1. To acquaint the finance student with principles and practices which are used in the real estate business.
  2. To develop analytical skills in the application of real estate principles and practices to real estate investment and financing situations.
  3. To provide the student with a foundational frame of reference for the exercise of sound judgement in approaching real estate finance and investment problems.
  4. To apply the BYUI Learning Model to the learning and teaching of the course.


There is no required textbook for this course; instead you will review recommended resources or select reputable real estate books and online sources.


Your grade in this course will depend on the following:

Prepare. You will research assigned topics, listen to lectures and write summaries or analyses.

Teach One Another. You will participate in group discussions, projects and peer review assignments. You will complete weekly participation reports. 

Ponder & Prove. You will prepare presentations, exercises, projects, papers and statements. Additionally, you will take quizzes and tests.

Notes on Grading

Meeting the requirements for various grade levels is more than just going through the motions. In most cases the instructor can tell the level of interest and learning at which you are operating, and will respond by grading at that level. Descriptions of progress represented by various grades appear in the University Catalog.

Late Work

As a general rule missed assignments, exercises, projects/papers, statements, etc. may not be "made up". However, your Instructor may accept some late work for a reduced score if you have extenuating circumstances.

Due Dates

This is a 1-credit course; therefore you are expected to spend 3-6 hours working on this course each week. In an online course, regular and sustained attention is critical.

Due dates are Midweek and End-of-Week.

Please refer to the How to Understand Due Dates content page in the Welcome folder for your due date and time. It is very important that you set your timezone correctly in I-Learn so that the assignment due dates will display properly for your geographic location. Follow the instructions in this I-Learn 3.0 Help Guide: How do I Set My Timezone? to update your timezone settings.

Important Points

  1. The principles and practice of the BYUI Learning Model will be the heart of this class. Count on making the most of the class: prepare, teach one another and ponder/prove.
  2. BYU-I standards apply to each student
  3. If you have a diagnosed disability or believe you have a disability that may require reasonable accommodation, please call 208-496-9210 to make an appointment with BYUI Disability Services.